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Below are links to some dissassembly collections. 


Omegamatrix   A collection of 103 disassemblies, some comments Link
TJ_Distella_cfg   A collection of 224 Distella cfg files from Thomas Jentzsch (used for disassembling) Link
Two Button Hacks   A collection of 13 disassemblies for 2600/Genesis two button hacks (by RevEng & Omegamatrix) Link


 Hack Disassemblies
Below are links to disassemblies of Atari 2600 hacks.  I have included links to the original files when available.  Note that partially commented hacks may have very few comments, in some cases only a few comments are included as it was disassembled for a specific purpose.



AdventurePlus   Adventure Plus 2005 Commented Source Link
ATCOMBAT.zip   All-Terrain Combat (by Zach Matley) Link
Bankheist.asm   Partially Commented - Bankheist (By Nukey Shay) Link
Berzerk_diag.asm   Berzerk w/Diaganol shots (by Dennis Debro) Link
BigBucket.asm   Kaboom Hack - Big Buckets (by Atarius Maximus) Link
Carnival.asm   Partially Commented - Carnival hack (By Nukey Shay) Link
DKH.asm   Partially Commented - Donkey Kong w/3 Levels(by batari) Link
DragRace_hack.asm   Partially Commented - DragRace (by Atarius Maximus) Link
JrPacMan.asm   Partially Commented - Jr.PacMan Speed (By Nukey Shay) Link
MCArcade.asm   Partially Commented - Missile Command Arcade (by N.S.) Link
PacMan8k.asm   Partially Commented - PacMan (expanded to 8k)  Link
ROL_Out.asm   Partially Commented - Breakout hack (By Nukey Shay) Link
SIDelux.asm   Partially Commented - Space Invaders (By Nukey Shay) Link
SWTagRC.zip   Star Wars TAG Reversed Controls (by Atarius Maximus) Link
Bankheist.asm   Partially Commented - Bankheist (By Nukey Shay) Link


 Original Game Disassemblies
Below are links to disassemblies of original Atari 2600 games.  Many of these are fully commented disassemblies that are extremely useful for learning purposes or hacking the original code.


Adventure.asm   Atari's Adventure (Disassembly by Joel Park) Link
AirSeaBattle.asm   Atari's Air Sea Battle (Disassembly by Dennis Debro) Link
Alien.zip   Partially Commented - Alien (by Nukey Shay) Link
Asteroids.asm   Atari's Asteroids (Disassembled by Thomas Jentzsch) Link
A-Team.asm   Atari A-Team Prototype (Disassembly by Manuel Polik) Link
Astroblast   Astroblast by M-Network (Disassembly by Dennis Debro)  
Barnstorming   Activision's Barnstorming (Disassembly by Dennis Debro)  
Basketball   Atari's Basketball(Disassembly by Dennis Debro)  
Battlezone.asm   Atari's Battlezone (Disassembly by Manuel Polik)  
Beamrider.asm   Uncommented source of Beamrider (by Manuel Polik)  
Berzerk.asm   Atari's Berzerk (Disassembly by Dennis Debro) Link
Canyon Bomber   Atari's Canyon Bomber (Disassembly by Dennis Debro)  
CatTrax.asm   Partially Commented Disassembly of CatTrax  
Centipede.zip   Uncommented Disassembly of Centipede (split into 2 files) Link
Combat.asm   Combat Disassembly (Dis. - Bensema, Williams, Dodgson) Link
CosmicArk.asm   Imagic's Cosmic Ark (Disassembly by Thomas Jentzsch) Link
DeadDuck.asm   Partially Commented - Deadly Duck (By Nukey Shay) Link
Defender.asm   Atari's Defender (Dis. by Nick Bensema & Manuel Polik) Link
Defender2.zip   Partially Commented - Defender 2 (By Nukey Shay) Link
Demonatk.asm   Partially Commented - Demon Attack (By Nukey Shay) Link
Demon Attack   Fully Commented by Angelo Zizzari Link
DigDug.zip   Partially Commented - DigDug by djmips Link
DonkeyKong.asm   Partially commented Donkey Kong (Dis. by Dennis Debro) Link
Donkey Kong (Rev 2 - 2018)   Coleco's Donkey Kong, Take 2, Disassembly by Dennis Debro  
EA.asm   Atari's Elevator Action Prototype  
ESB.asm   Uncommented Disassembly of StarWars:ESB (by djmips) Link
ET.zip   Disassembly of ET by Dennis Debro Link
Ewok.asm   Ewok Adventure PAL Hack-(C)2001 Thomas Jentzsch Link
Fast Eddie   Fast Eddie (Disassembly by Dennis Debro)  
Fishing Derby   Activision's Fishing Derby (Disassembly by Dennis Debro)  
Football   Atari's Football (Disassembly by Dennis Debro)  
Freeway.asm   Activision's Freeway (Disassembly by Bill Heineman) Link
Frostbite   Activision's Frostbite (Disassembly by Dennis Debro)  
Grand Prix   Activision's Grand Prix (Disassembly by Dennis Debro)  
Hangman   Atari's Hangman (Disassembly by Dennis Debro)  
Indy500.asm   Partially Commented - Indy 500 by Glenn Saunders Link
Jawbreaker.asm   Tigervision's Jawbreaker (Disassembly by Dennis Debro) Link
Kaboom.asm   Activision's Kaboom (Disassembly by Dennis Debro) Link
Laser Blast   Activision's Laser Blast (Disassembly by Dennis Debro)  
MazeCraze.asm   Partially Commented - Maze Craze  
Montezuma.asm   Montezuma's Revenge Disassembly  
mr_do.zip   Uncommented Mr. Do Disassembly - by Nukey Shay Link
NightDriver.asm   Atari's Night Driver (Disassembly by Dennis Debro)  
Outlaw.asm   Atari's Outlaw (Disassembly by Manuel Polik) Link
Pitfall.asm   Activision's Pitfall! (Disassembly by Thomas Jentzsch) Link
Quadrun.asm   Atari's Quadrun (Disassembly by Fabrizio Zavagli) Link
RiverRaid.asm   Activision's River Raid (Disassembly by Thomas Jentzsch) Link
Seaquest   Activision's Seaquest (Disassembly by Dennis Debro)  
SpaceJockey.asm   Space Jockey (Disassembly by Dennis Debro) Link
SpaceWar.asm   Atari's Space War (Disassembly by Manuel Polik)  
Starmaster.asm   Activision's Starmaster (Disassembly by T. Jentzsch) Link
StarShip.asm   Atari's StarShip (Disassembly by Manuel Polik)  
StarVoyager.asm   Partially Commented - Star Voyager by Bob Smith  
SuperCobra.asm   Parker Brother's Super Cobra (dissasembly by Manuel P.)  
Superman.asm   Partially Commented Superman (Dis. by Dennis Debro)  
Surround.asm   Atari's Surround (Disassembly by Thomas Jentzsch) Link
TacScan.zip   Partially Commented - Tac-Scan (By Nukey Shay)  
TowerInf.zip   Partially Commented - Towering Inferno (By Nukey Shay)  
Vanguard.zip   Partially Commented - Vanguard (by Nukey Shay) Link
Venture.asm   Coleco's Venture(by Manuel Polik and Robert Mundschau) Link
WizrdWor.zip   Partially Commented - Wizard of Wor (By Nukey Shay)  
Yars_Revenge.asm   Atari's Yars Revenge, by Howard Scott Warshaw, Disassembly by Dennis Debro