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 My Atari 2600 Hacks
Below are all the hacks I've done to date and the links to the AtariAge forum threads where they were originally posted. Since I started using batariBasic I stopped working on hacks for the most part.  You can download an archive of all of my hacks as well.

Below are some screenshots of a few of the hacks I've made.  Some are simple graphic and color hacks (like my Drag Race hack of Activision's Dragster).  Some hacks were made using commented disassemblies that allow more advanced changes, like my Yars' Revenge hacks that changes the number of lives, change the neutral zone, and change the speed of the game.

 Big Bucket Kaboom    Defender Vector    Drag Race    Indy 500 Alternate Tracks    Space Race  
 Hack    Released   Link   Description
Adventure Plus (see below for lots of extras for this hack)    3/1/2003   Link   All New Map, mazes & Sprites
Adventure Plus 2005    8/3/2005   Link   My updated version of Adv +
Adventure Plus 2005 Invisible    8/3/2005   Link   Adv + 2005 with all Invis. Rooms
Atlantis Trainer    12/3/2005   Link   Unlimited lives in Imagic's Classic
Battlezone Trainer    1/21/2014   Link   Unlimited lives, lives counter removed, score font changed
Berzerk Sadistic    12/29/2005   Link   Robots start Faster, only 1 life
Defender Trainer    6/22/2005   Link   Unlimited lives in Defender
Defender Vector    12/26/2003   Link   Defender with Vector Graphics
Donkey Kong Low Gravity    12/29/2005   Link   Jump Higher & Longer
DragonFire Easy    3/17/2004   Link   Dragon's Fireballs cant reach you
DragonFire Really Easy    3/17/2004   Link   No Fireballs, Super Run Speed
DragonFire Sadistic    3/17/2004   Link   Insanely Fast Fireballs!
DragRace [Dragster] [hack of my hack from KevinMos3*]    4/9/2003   Link   Dragster Hack with Stock Cars
DragRace Auto-Shift [hack of Activision's Dragster]    3/18/2004   Link   Dragster Hack with Auto Shift
Indy500 Alternate Tracks    4/23/2003   Link   All New Tracks in Indy 500
Jawbreaker Trainer    12/29/2005   Link   Unlimited Lives in Jawbreaker
Big Bucket Kaboom    12/29/2005   Link   Huge Buckets in Kaboom
Marauder II    10/14/2004   Link   All New Maps/Sprites for Marauder
Montezuma's Revenge Trainer    1/3/2006   Link   Unlimited Lives for Panama Joe
Pitfall Trainer    3/6/2003   Link   Unlimited Lives AND Time!
Seaquest Trainer    8/5/2005   Link   Unlimited Lives in Seaquest
River Raid Turbo    1/7/2014   Link   Push up for Turbo mode, faster jet, faster Y movement
River Raid Turbo (With Fast Shot)    1/7/2014   Link   Same as previous version but with faster missile shots
River Raid (Fly over land)    1/7/2014   Link   Collision detection turned off for flying over land
River Raid (Fast Shot)    1/7/2014   Link   Faster missiles from your jet
River Raid (Fuel Tank Always Full)    1/7/2014   Link   Your fuel tank is always full
River Raid Trainer    1/7/2014   Link   Unlimited Lives and Fuel, and collision detection is disabled
Solaris Trainer    6/21/2005   Link   Unlimited Lives in Solaris
Space Race [hack of Activision's Freeway]    6/3/2005   Link   Freeway hacked into Space Race
Space Race Sadistic [hack of Activision's Freeway]    6/3/2005   Link   Faster Version of Space Race
SpyBob [hack of Activision's Kabobber]    12/3/2003   Link   James Bond version of Kabobber
StarWarsTAG-RC**    3/17/2006   Link   Reversed Control Scheme
Yars Revenge Sadistic (No Neutral Zone, 1 Life, Faster)    12/29/2005   Link   1 Life, No Neutral Zone, Faster
Yars Revenge (Fast Missile, No Neutral Zone, 4 Lives)    12/29/2005   Link   4 Lives, No Neutral Zone, Faster
Yars Revenge (Fast Missile, 4 Lives)    12/29/2005   Link   Faster Missiles, 4 Lives
Yars Revenge (No Neutral Zone, 4 Lives)    12/29/2005   Link   No Neutral Zone, 4 Lives
Airlock Trainer    3/29/2010   Link   Unlimited Lives
Demon Attack - Small Enemies    3/30/2010   Link   Enemies are always the small type
Demon Attack - Fast Shot    3/30/2010   Link   Super fast shots from your ship
Demon Attack - No Fire back    3/30/2010   Link   Enemies do not fire back
Demon Attack - Start w/6 lives    3/30/2010   Link   Start game with 6 lives
* AtariAge user KevinMos3 hacked my DragRace hack to improve the look of the cars. It looks great!

   Archive Zip (All of my hacked binaries)

** In Stella 2, run it with "-type e0"  
 Hacking Adventure
Hacking Adventure is a great way to get your feet wet in assembly.  The adventure source code is extremely well commented and many extensive hacks have been done over the years to help you learn by example.  Here are some great resources on hacking Adventure, posted on AtariAge from Nukey Shay.  The threads on which these binaries are posted give detailed explanations of the code changes he made to make these hacks:
[Thread 1 | Thread 2 | Thread 3 | Thread 4]

Adventure Plus was my first real hack (back in 2003!) and it's what really got me interested in modifying/creating my own Atari Games.  Nukey's hacks below greatly expand on my original hack, and are great fun to play around with.

 Hacking Adventure   Description
4k_8kassemblies.zip   4k build includes the signature, unshares all the screen GFX, and has 5 custom screens, but I did share the castle GFX again. The 4k version still has half a page of memory free, but more can be reclaimed by removing the signature bitmap and sharing screens (or even upper/lower lines of screens).
adventure_4k_504free.zip   I shared all the bitmap data as it was in the original optimized code (which had 313 bytes free)...and now it's up to 504 .
Adventure_hell.zip   So you can get an idea of how all these changes affect the game, here's a copy of it. This last little step filled in all available ROM space in the 4k image...so I'm going to have to use a new file for the examples anyway

7 dragons. One is orange (to make it harder to see in the catacombs), and one is grey (to make it invisible against the background).

7 gates...using 2 keys. The black key will only open black gates...and the flashing key opens flashing gates and secret wall panels There are 4 regular black gates, 1 flashing gate, and 2 wall panels. The gates are on castle bitmaps...so there's 5 castles in all.

The magnet and the dot must be used together at one of the panels to get the chalice...and when you do, the dragons will resurrect themselves (so high-tail it out of there!).

I'm not sure if game #3 is winnable (because I didn't test all of the random variations)...but game #2 definitely is.
adventure_optimized_assemblies.zip   Here's the 3 assemblies (8k, 4k w/screen data unshared, and 4k w/screen data shared). In that last one, it's up to 520 bytes free now
adventure_timed.zip   Here's the binary that uses a timer...now you can see how long it takes you to get the chalice back (so long as the inside of the yellow castle is displayed when you win)


adventure4k_timed.zip   The timer idea just came to me...so I figured I'd throw it out there. It does miscount by 4/60 seconds though...so it's not perfect as written (since it's using bit 6 of the framecounter to decide when to bump up the seconds counter).
adventure5levels.zip   Here's the binary that adds 2 more levels. Even-numbered levels feature random objects...
adventure_tough_dragons.zip   Other ideas for using this new hit counter would be to have it "heal" over time (by checking the HiCnt and bumping UP the hit counter if it's less than "healthy")...or having random values for the number of hits...or moving the dragon slower (it's Y delta number) if the hit counter is halfway dea
6dragons.zip   6 dragon version:
- 3 additional dragons.
- Erratic bat behavior added.
- 1 additional key/gate...added key looks like glasses.
- The glasses also work as x-ray specs...turning all dark rooms visible.
- Skeleton bitmaps when player uses the x-ray specs.
- Additional signature screen...accessed by using an existing game object to open the LEFT panels.
- More added secret rooms.
- Up to 128 screens in regular 40x7 bitmap resolution.
- A title bitmap for the game select screen.
- All game graphics can be unique.
- The player can become "cursed", which destroys all castles.
a8k_xray.zip   4 dragon version:
- Additional dragon
- Additional bat
- 2 additional keys/gates (though only one currently has a castle assigned to it...you'll find it above the original Easter Egg screen on game 2/3). The second added key looks like glasses...and will open an additional gate.
- The glasses also work as x-ray specs...turning all dark rooms visible.
- Additional signature screen...this is accessed by using an existing game object to open the LEFT panels. Careful not to get stuck!
- More added secret rooms.
- Up to 64 screens using 40x14 bitmaps
- A title bitmap for the game select screen.
- All game graphics can be unique.
- Skeleton bitmaps when player uses the x-ray specs
adbatfix.zip   This version corrects the original game's quirk of allowing the bat to be "trained" to fly in a specific direction. A carried object is always carried 1 pixel below the bat's vertical coordinate, and when one is picked up the bat's flightpath is also changed (via EOR). It's a little more challenging since you can't keep the bat anywhere (unless you lock him up)
addrop.zip    uses this also, and in addition the bat will drop objects as soon as it's "fed up" with them and fly at least a screen before choosing another. So it will scramble up the object locations pretty effectively if you aren't tending to them. The bat can snatch your object and leave you with nothing...for example.


 Extras for my Adventure Plus Hack
Here are some extras for my Adventure Plus hack.  I've got all of the old development ROMs, a map, the source code, instruction manual, and color chart.

Adventure Plus Development Roms   All the ROMS Created during it's development  
Adventure Plus Map   The map for the original ('03) version of the game  
Adventure Plus 2005 Source Code   Fully commented, compiles with DASM.  
Adventure Plus Instruction Manual   I created a manual for the original version of the hack.  
Adventure Hack-O-Matic Color Chart   Shows all the color locations in adventure  
 Adventure Plus Hack-O-Matic Color Chart    Adventure Plus Map

 Adventure Plus Instruction Manual

Below is the Adventure Plus instruction manual that I created to go along with the hack.  It uses the same text as the original manual from atari, however I've updated the graphics to reflect the new graphics in the hack. It was never professionally printed or distributed with the hack on cartridge.





 Supercharger Conversion Hacks
Here is a collection of Supercharger conversion hacks from Nukey Shay, all have been modified to run on a standard supercharger.  All zip files contain source and binaries.   Nukey Shay has added many more, my list is no longer complete.  You can find them all posted in this original AA thread.
 Hack   Description   Link
 Atlantis   Left difficulty switch for Atlantis II   Link
 Chopper Command   Chopper Command   Link
 Custer's Revenge   Custer's Revenge   Link
 Demons to Diamonds   Demons to Diamonds   Link
 Donkey Kong   Donkey Kong   Link
 Halloween   Halloween   Link
 Megamania   Removed game kill at 999,999 points   Link
 Pac-Man   Pac-Man   Link
 Qbert   Qbert   Link
 Quickstep   Quickstep   Link
 Super Baseball   Super Baseball   Link
 Super Football   Super Football   Link
 TacScan   Tac Scan   Link
 Thunderground   Thunderground   Link
 Wizard of Wor   Wizard of Wor   Link
 Xman   Xman   Link
 Towering Inferno   Also includes Alien Ants   Link
 Planet of the Apes   Planet of the Apes   Link
 Star Voyager   Star Voyager (BW switches to PAL)   Link
 Bank Heist   Bank Heist   Link
 Adventure   Adventure   Link
 Cat Trax   Cat Trax   Link
 Cosmic Ark   Cosmic Ark   Link
 No Escape   No Escape   Link


 Hardware Hacks
The only hardware hack I've done personally is creating an Atari 7800 compatible two button CX-40, which is what I detailed below.  If you're good at soldering and have no fear of breaking your old Atari hardware, there are many other cool mods and hacks you can do on your 2600.  I've linked to a few below.
  How to add a Pause Button to your Atari 2600 The how to guide is by Victor Trucco, you can also purchase a pre-made pause kit from AtariAge.    
  The Longhorn Audio/Video Mods How to add Composite and S-Video to your 2600 or 7800    
  How to add stereo sound to a 2600 Look in this AtariAge thread (post #6) for the chapter on adding 2600 sound as well.    
 Two button modified CX-40 for a 7800

This is a project I posted on AtariAge back in August of 2002.  I modified a CX-40 joystick with two buttons on the back so it could be used with Atari 7800 games that require two buttons (like One-on-One).  Below are the instructions that I just copied from my original post in '02.  There are pics and a wiring schematic at the bottom.

  Note:  My hack below results in a CX-40 joystick that will work just like a Proline stick from a 7800, and is meant to be used only on a 7800. It does not add two button compatibility when used on a 2600.  Mark Taylor from AtariAge (aka 'nems') wrote an excellent guide on how to build a CX-40 with two buttons to support the many 2600 two button hacks.  [Download the 2600 Two button guide]  

My hack:

If all goes well, after you finish this project your joystick should have 3 working buttons. The wiring was designed so that the original button on the CX40 will emulate pressing both 7800 buttons at the same time, and the two new buttons would emulate the left and right buttons on the 7800 Proline joystick. I haven't tested it with very many games yet, but it appears to be fully functional.

Equipment I used for this project:

1 Donor Atari 7800 Proline joystick (used main cable & resistors from it)
1 Atari CX40
2 Small Momentary-switch buttons from Radio Shack

Tools I Used for this project:

Soldering Iron
Wire cutters
Electrical Tape

Getting Started...Prepare the donor parts:

1. Disassemble the Proline Joystick. Carefully remove all wiring from the circuit board, and remove the main cable. This cable will be used in the CX40.
2. Remove the Resistors from the Proline circuit board. These will be re-used in the CX40. I simply clipped them off with wire snippers. You can also buy new resistors from Radio Shack if you prefer, they’re 520 Ohm.

Prepare the CX40:

1. Disassemble the CX40. Carefully put aside the fire button and the spring underneath the fire button, that spring is really easy to lose.
2. Remove all the wiring from the circuit board (just slide the clips off).
3. Remove the existing main cable from the CX40, you won’t be needing it anymore. After you remove it, install the main cable from the 7800 Proline in it’s place. The cable from the Proline joystick has the extra wiring we’ll need to install the 2 extra buttons.
4. Remove the screw cylinder from the top left of the base (In this case, “remove” really means “break it off ”). This needs to be removed in order to make room for the new buttons. I removed it by latching on to it with a pair of locking pliers, and twisted it until it finally popped off. Nothing scientific there!
5. Drill holes for the two switches. I positioned them based on the placement of my hand. The switch farthest to the right should rest comfortably under the tip of your left index finger.
6. Cut the circuit board. Be VERY careful doing this! This step is necessary to make room for the buttons. See the picture at http://www.stevesfil...m/joystick1.jpg (or just look at the bottom of this post) to get an idea of how I did this.
7. Install the buttons. Place them in the holes you drilled and secure them in place.
8. Based on the wiring diagram at http://www.stevesfil...ringdiagram.jpg (also posted below), connect all of the wires (using the main cable pirated from the 7800 stick) to the circuit board. You will need to solder in the resistors, as seen in the diagram.

Putting it all back together:

1. After you have installed all of the wiring, carefully place the circuit board back in to the base unit. In my joystick, it was a very tight fit along the top of the circuit board, where I had cut the board to make room for the back of the buttons. You may have to twist the buttons to position the wires just right.
2. Put the firing button and the spring back in, and carefully place the top of the joystick back on.
3. Hold it tight, flip it over, and put the screws back in. It will only take 3 instead of four now, as we removed one of the screw cylinders.
4. Test it!

Now, sit back, and enjoy all of your 7800 games the way they were meant to be played. With a CX40 Joystick!


 Pictures (Click for lager image)        





 Two Button Hacks
Here is a collection of two button hacks done by AtariAge Members.  These hacks add two button support for many Atari 2600 game using the Sega Genesis controller.  The B and C buttons are both compatible with the 2600, You can read about each specific game and the changes made in the original AtariAge thread.   Each game has a specific function assigned to the extra button.  As an example, you can now use the C button on the controller for smart bombs in Defender.

Make sure you're using the latest Harmony firmware and hold down the genesis "B" button while you turn the Atari on, or the Harmony cart will recognize the genesis controller as a paddle and you won't be able to navigate the menu.

 Hack   Button Functions    
 Asteroids   Button C to use hyperspace    
 Defender   Button C will drop a smart bomb    
 Defender Arcade   Button C will drop a smart bomb    
 Defender 2        
 Double Dragon   Button C does a jump kick    
 Enduro   Button C is the brakes    
 Ghostbusters   Button C exits menu, baits marshmallow man by holding down when he appears    
 HERO   Button C drops dynamite    
 Kangaroo   Button C will drop a smart bomb    
 Kung Fu Master   Button C    
 Montezuma's Revenge   Button C jumps right, Button B jumps left    
 Moon Patrol   Button C fires, Button B jumps    
 Moon Patrol Arcade   Button C fires, Button B jumps    
 Mouse Trap        
 Omega Race   Button C is fire, Button B is thrust    
 Plaque Attack   Button C  fires down, Button B fires up    
 Pole Position   Button C is high gear, Button B is low gear    
 Quest for Quintana Roo   Button C to choose a tool or weapon & drop a stone    
 Sea Hawk        
 Spy Hunter        
 StarMaster   Button C to select map screen    
 Star Trek   Button C for warp, Button B for phaser    
 Star Voyager        
 Super Cobra        
 Tomarc the Barbarian   Button C switches between Tomarc and Senta    
 Yars' Revenge   Button C fires the zorlon cannon    


 My Favorite Hacks
Here is a small collection of some of my favorite hacks done by other people.  I've wasted quite a bit of time on these!
 Hack   Description   Link
 HERO Game 5 Random   Select Game 5 and you will get a random level after finishing level 1   Link
 Venture 3 Room hack   Venture was expanded to include the 3rd level from the arcade, previously missing   Link
 Jr. PacMan Throttle   Push the fire button and JrPac travels at Turbo speed!   Link
 Sadistroids   A much faster version of Asteroids   Link
 Amidar Double Speed   A much faster version of Amidar   Link
 Spitfire Attack Reversed Control   Flight controls were reversed so up is up and down is down. Much Easier!   Link
 Ms. PacMan Throttle   Same as JrPac Throttle, press the fire button to speed up   Link